Probably everybody nowadays knows about these strange creatures-elves. We learn about them from books and films. It is interesting, but elves attract us more than other fairy creatures. We like them for their mystery and beauty. I want to tell you about them because the opinion about elves has changed badly among young people. You don’t have to believe in them, but now I want to tell you some facts about elves.

Elves are much older than people. They can live hundreds and thousands of years, so they are cleverer than people. They have more time to think and to learn and they become wise. Elves don’t like to contact with people. They think we are too silly and they don’t understand why we want to grab the whole planet instead of living carefully on one piece of land so they hate cars, planes and other different machines. There are many kinds of elves. But something unites them all. Elves love the nature and have never wounded or killed it like people do.

Elves characters are very interesting: they are usually modest and kind but can be very amusing and funny, they are also considerate and generous. These creatures are famous for their optimistic feelings and mind behaviour. Elves are not erotic and selfish like many people think!

Elves are mainly divided into two kinds: light elves and dark elves. There are also small elves. They are like fairies only without wings. We call them midgets or house-elves. Midgets often help a person. They can work hard. Sometimes midgets live with people in one house at the attic. But they will be rude to a person unless he presents them.

House-elves are friendlier. They live beside the oven and help people in their housework. Sometimes they can play a trick on people. And they love animals

Wood elves

They are the most famous elves. We can meet them in many stories. These elves are very beautiful and clever. They live only in forests. Wood elves seem to be fragile and weak, but